A Loss for Words (formerly Last Ride) was an American pop punk band from Abington, Massachusetts. Members include; Matty Arsenault, Mike Adams, Marc Dangora, Christian Mullen, Kreg Dudley, Chris Murphy, Evan Cordeiro, Adam Souza, Steve Delaney, Danny Poulin, Jack McHugh, Lee Preston, Nevada Smith. Discography includes; Coming Soon to a Theater Near You (2004), These Past 5 Years (EP) (2005), RVR Series Volume II (split EP with They Sleep They Dream) (2007), Webster Lake (EP) (2008, The Kids Can't Lose (2009), Motown Classics (2010), No Sanctuary (2011), Such Gold/A Loss for Words Split EP (split EP with Such Gold) (2011), Returning to Webster Lake (EP) (2012), Before It Caves (2013), Crises (2016). Tours include; A Metal Christmas & A Heavy New Year Tour, Australian Tour 2013, Back to School Jam Tour, Before It Caves, romotional Work, Chiodos Tour, Farewell Tour, Farewell Tour in Japan 2015, Final East Coast Tour, Four Year Strong Europe Tour, Germany 2012 Tour, Gig Life, Glamour Kills Tour 2012, Glamour Kills Tour 2012 - Off Date, Hit the Lights Tour, Ice Grill$ Tour 2012, Ice Grill$ Tour 2014, In Some Way, Shape, or Tour, Missing Hours tour..., Pop-Philly Tour, Pop-Philly Tour - Off Date, Reinventing the Real Tour, Returners North American Tour, Russian/Ukrainian Tour 2012, Set Your Goals Tour, Set Your Goals Tour - Off Date, Streetlight Manifesto Tour, Take the Fall Tour, The 2011 Summer Partery Tour , The Acoustic Basement, The Acoustic Basement Tour, The Ghostbustour, The Ghostbustour - Off Date, The Greatest Generation World Tour, The Kids Can't Lose (Tour!), The Kids Can't Lose 5th Anniversary Tour, The Kids Can't Lose 5th Anniversary Tour Off Date, The Kids Can't Lose Tour, The Lost Boys Tour, The Lost Boys Tour - Off Date, This Is New England Tour, U.S. 2009 Tour, U.S. 2010 Acoustic Tour, U.S. Summer 2005, UK 2010 Tour, UK 2011 Tour, UK 2012 Tour, UK 2012 Tour - Off Date, UK Summer 2010 Tour, Unplugged, Vans Warped Tour 2006, Vans Warped Tour 2007, Vans Warped Tour 2008, Vans Warped Tour 2012, Vans Warped Tour 2012 - Acoustic Basement Stage, Vans Warped Tour 2015.