Uriah Heep - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Uriah Heep are an English rock band formed in London in 1969. Members have included Mick Box, Phil Lanzon, Bernie Shaw, Russell Gilbrook and Davey Rimmer. Discography include: ...Very 'Eavy ...Very 'Umble (1970), Salisbury (1971), Look at Yourself (1971), Demons.... Show More and Wizards (1972), The Magician's Birthday (1972), Sweet Freedom (1973), Wonderworld (1974), Return to Fantasy (1975), High and Mighty (1976), Firefly (1977), Innocent Victim (1977), Fallen Angel (1978), Conquest (1980), Abominog (1982), Head First (1983), Equator (1985), Raging Silence (1989), Different World (1991), Sea of Light (1995), Sonic Origami (1998), Wake the Sleeper (2008), Celebration (2009), Into the Wild (2011), Outsider (2014) and Totally Driven (2015). Tours include: 2003 Tour, 2015 Rock the Haus, Abominog, Acoustic Show, Acoustically Driven, Celebration - The 40th Anniversary, Christmas Is Heavy 2005, Conquest, Demons and Wizards, Different World, Double-Trouble Tour'98, Equator, Fallen Angel, Firefly, Golden Age of Rock 'n Roll, Head First, High and Mighty, Innocent Victim, Into the Wild, Into the Wild Christmas Tour 2012, Latin America Heepsteria, Look at Yourself, Look at Yourself 45th Anniversary Japan Tour, Magic Month, Monsters of Hard Rock, Moving Air Over Europe 1984, Nail on the Head, Outsider Tour, Raging Silence, Return to Fantasy, Rockarama Over Europe, Rockin' Christmas Festival, Rocklegends in Concert, Russian Tour 1997, Salisbury, Sea of Light, Sonic Origami, South American 2006 Tour, Spellbinder, Still 'eavy, Still Proud, Super Jam, Sweet Freedom, The Legend Continues, The Magician's Birthday and Very 'eavy... Very 'umble, Wake the Sleeper, Wizards of Rock and Wonderworld. Show Less