Overkill - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Overkill is an American thrash metal band, formed in 1980 in New Jersey. Members include; D. D. Verni, Bobby "Blitz" Ellsworth, Dave Linsk, Derek "The Skull" Tailer, Jason Bittner, Rat Skates, Robert "Riff Thunder" Pisarek, Anthony Ammendola, Dan Spitz, Rich.... Show More Conte, Mike Sherry, Joe, Bobby Gustafson, Mark Archibole, Sid Falck, Rob Cannavino, Merritt Gant, Tim Mallare, e Comeau, Sebastian Marino, Ron Lipnicki. Discography include; Feel the Fire (1985), Taking Over (1987), Under the Influence (1988), The Years of Decay (1989), Horrorscope (1991), I Hear Black (1993), W.F.O. (1994), The Killing Kind (1996), From the Underground and Below (1997), Necroshine (1999), Bloodletting (2000), Killbox 13 (2003), ReliXIV (2005), Immortalis (2007), Ironbound (2010), The Electric Age (2012), White Devil Armory (2014), The Grinding Wheel (2017). Tours include; 25th Anniversary World Tour, Bloodletting, Cut Away the Fat Tour 2000, Dark Roots of Thrash, European Tour 2013, Feel the Fire, From the Underground and Below, Gigantour 2006, Horrorscope, Immortalis, Killbox 13, Killfest 2009, Killfest 2010, Killfest 2011, Killfest 2015, Killfest Tour 2012, Killfest Tour 2016, Legends of Thrash Tour 2013, Necroshine, North American Tour MMXV, ReliXIV Tour, ReliXlV Tour, South American Tour, Taking Over, The Electric Age, The Grinding Wheel, The Killing Kind, The Years of Decay, Under the Influence, W.F.O., White Devil Armory Canada Tour 2014, White Devil Armory Europe Tour 2014, White Devil Armory USA Tour 2014, World of Hurt, WSOU - The Hardest Rock 10th Anniversary Concert. Show Less