Band Posters/Wall Art - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Posters have long been one of the most popular categories of band merch in the world. Who didn’t have posters of their favorite bands hanging up on their walls growing up? How many band posters are (or.... Show More were) in your college dorm room? What popular movies and TV shows have featured music posters? Rock band posters are literally everywhere, because they’re just simply iconic.

We have standard sized (usually 24”x36”) paper posters, “subway” (i.e.: giant format) paper posters, canvas art, flags, framed posters, limited-edition screen-printed art prints, poster flags, promotional one sheet posters (for both concerts and album releases, etc.), shadowboxes, etc. We have every type of wall-hanging rock band art you can think of. Sizes vary, so please refer to individual product descriptions, OR ask us on live chat for exact product dimensions.

Where Can I Buy Band Posters?

Rockabilia has a huge collection of Band Posters. Shop rock band posters, canvas art, flags, and screen-printed art prints at the Rockabilia Merch Store.

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