Rockabilia is an online retailer, specializing in officially licensed music merchandise from every rock music artist imagineable. Currently at over 500,000 different products available, Rockabilia has the largest selection of official band merch available in the world.

Rockabilia is located in Chanhassen, Minnesota in the United States. Fun fact: we are located right around the corner from Paisley Park: Prince's Home and Studio. We used to see Prince (RIP) riding around on his bike all the time back in the day!

Rockabilia offers a wide variety of officially licensed products from your favorite bands. From apparel (T-shirts, hoodies, etc.) to home décor (posters, wall flags, etc.), and accessories (hats, jewelry, etc.) to novelties (patches, stickers, etc.) with everything in between, Rockabilia has it all.

YES! All our products are 100% officially licensed. By supporting Rockabilia, you’re helping your favorite artists get paid. We hate bootlegs. They affect our business as much as they hurt the bands we all love. If you decide to buy your merch elsewhere, please be careful, as there are a LOT of counterfeits out there these days. Buy from a trusted source who has been in the music industry for a while. And be aware that Amazon, eBay, Facebook and Instagram are littered with bootlegs, so please do your research before you make a purchase—your favorite band’s livelihood depends on it.

Rockabilia is a retailer, not a manufacturer, which means we do not actually print any of the T-shirts we’re selling. Instead, we buy all our merchandise wholesale from a large list of suppliers (merch companies, record labels, directly from the artists, etc.). So unfortunately, we cannot specify what brand our T-shirts are, because they’re all different! In fact, one specific product id number can be printed on several different blanks, and/or they can come printed on one brand in one shipment, and then a different brand when we restock. Because of these factors, we do not specify what brands are used. We CAN, however, let you know exactly what blank, material, etc. a design is printed on, as long as we have it in-stock. Just hit up our customer service department on live chat, via email (sales@rockabilia.com) or by calling: (952) 556.1121.

You can place your order online 24/7 by visiting Rockabilia.com! One your order has been received, we will work hard on getting you your items as quickly as possible.

We try to include exact dimensions for each individual patch whenever we enter them into our database, but sometimes our patch vendors don’t provide them. Generally speaking though, most are about 3”-4” across. If you want exact specifications on individual products, please reach out to our customer service department.

Most domestic and import posters are around 22”x34,” while concert promos are usually 11”x17.” If you require exact measurements on a specific poster, please contact customer service.

We receive restocks every single day, so keep checking our website. However, if you want to order an item that’s currently out-of-stock, you can do so by placing your order with our customer service department over the phone. From that point, we will attempt to get your backordered item in as quickly as possible and will update you periodically via email during the process.

Sorry, but we decided to discontinue our print catalog in Fall of 2017. Truth be told, most of our customers order online now, so we could no longer justify the cost and resources it takes to produce a print catalog. We know though—we miss it too ☹. RIP, catalog.

Yes, all prices and transactions are in the United States Dollar.

Yes! Please click here to apply for an account.

Sorry, but if your country is not listed at checkout, we will not be able to complete your order online. But guess what? We CAN enter your order manually! You just have to email customer service (sales@rockabilia.com) to set it up. Please include your name and ship-to address, and product id number(s) with sizes (when applicable).

Unfortunately, you will not be able to access store credits from the site; you will have to contact customer service to manually apply or refund your store credits.

We generally use USPS and FedEx for standard delivery (sometimes Spee-Dee Delivery if you’re in the Midwest). We will usually ship via FedEx 2Day & Overnight for rush deliveries.

USPS deliveries may occur on Saturdays, but our UPS 2nd Day Air and FedEx 2Day and Overnight options will not include Saturday as a business/delivery day.

Sorry, but we do not! It’s probably for the best though—we suck at it.

Junior Tops generally fit teen girls and petite size women. Junior Tops are typically smaller than standard women’s sizing. The items come from many suppliers, are printed on a variety of blanks using various materials and different cuts and styles. Sizes are approximate and cannot be guaranteed. If you require exact measurements though, just ask us! If the item is in-stock, we can measure it for you.

Good news! We now offer a service for smaller bands without merchandise deals to sell their merch directly through Rockabilia. This is a made-to-order, print-on-demand service using one of our local trusted digital printers. You’ll receive regular royalty reports, and we’ll even help promote your band via our email list and social media platforms. Click here to get started!

We offer ALL sizes that a design comes in, so if your size is unavailable, it’s either because it’s sold out (temporarily or permanently) or was never available in your size to begin with! We receive daily restocks, so if it’s temporarily out-of-stock and not discontinued, please keep checking our site.

We advertise in virtually every major music magazine out there and sponsor many music-themed podcasts. Many of these outlets will have a discount code for you, so please do a little detective work for your promo codes.

I don’t know, maybe? Email us!

No, sorry! Rockabilia does not purchase one-of-a-kind/one-off personalized memorabilia. Your best bet would be pawnshops who specialize in that sort of thing, otherwise eBay, Facebook groups, etc.

You can buy band T-shirts, as well as other band merch, from Rockabilia.com.

If you're looking to buy vintage band tees, Rockabilia.com has them all.

Need a place to buy band tees? Rockabilia.com has them all, no matter the genre.

The vintage tees on Rockabilia.com are made to look washed and worn. Just as if you purchased them at concerts in the 90's, 80's, 70's or 60's!

Unfortunately, Rockabilia does not offer any sort of custom order option for your own designs - sorry!

Custom T-shirts vary in cost, but unfortunately, Rockabilia.com does not offer a custom option to our customers.

There are many online companies that allow you to custom order T-shirts. However, Rockabilia.com is not one of them.

If you are looking for companies that make custom T-shirts, we here at Rockabilia.com would advise using an online search engine to find your company of choice, since Rockabilia does not supply custom T-shirts.