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Death was an American death metal band from Orlando, Florida, founded in 1983. Members include; Chuck Schuldiner, Shannon Hamm, Scott Clendenin, Richard Christy, Rick Rozz, Matt Olivo, Paul Masvidal, Albert Gonzalez, James Murphy, Andy LaRocque, Ralph.... Show More Santolla, Bobby Koelble, Dave Tett, Scott Carlson, Erik Meade, Terry Butler, Steve Di Giorgio, Kelly Conlon, Kam Lee, Eric Brecht, Chris Reifert, Bill Andrews, Sean Reinert, Gene Hoglan, Richard Christy. Discography includes; Scream Bloody Gore (1987), Leprosy (1988), Spiritual Healing (1990), Human (1991), Individual Thought Patterns (1993), Symbolic (1995), The Sound of Perseverance (1998). tours include; Death All Over Europe, Extravaganza of Europe 1992, Full of Hate 1993, Full of Hate Easterfestivals 1995, Human Tour, Individual Thought Patterns, Inhuman Tour of the World, Leprosy, metal to the Masses, Scream Bloody Gore, Scream Bloody Tour, Spiritual Healing, Symbolic Tour, The Sound of Perseverance, Torture Over Europe Tour '90.

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