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Amon Amarth is a Swedish melodic death metal band from Tumba, formed in 1992. Members include; Olavi Mikkonen, Johan Hegg, Ted Lundström, Johan Söderberg, Jocke Wallgren,Anders Hansson, Nico Kaukinen, Martin Lopez, Fredrik Andersson. Discography includes; Sorrow.... Show More Throughout the Nine Worlds (EP) (1996), Once Sent from the Golden Hall (1998), The Avenger (1999), The Crusher (2001), Versus the World (2002), Fate of Norns (2004), With Oden on Our Side (2006), Twilight of the Thunder God (2008), Surtur Rising (2011), Deceiver of the Gods (2013), Jomsviking (2016). Tours include; An Evening With Amon Amarth, An Evening With Amon Amarth: 20th Anniversary Shows, Art of Noise 2, Deceiver of the Gods, Deceiver of the Gods North American Tour 2014, Deceiver of the Gods UK/Europe Tour, Fate of Norns, Full of Hate 2009, Jomsviking European Tour, Jomsviking North American Tour, Jomsviking Release Shows, Jomsviking United States Tour 2017, Jomsviking World Tour 2017, Mayhem Festival (Off-Date), Mayhem Festival 2013, Mayhem Festival 2013 (Off-Date), Metal Gods Tour 2003, Motala Metal # 8, No Mercy Festival 2001, Sounds of the Underground 2007, Summer Clash 1998, Surtur Rising Australasian Tour, Surtur Rising European Tour, Surtur Rising South American Tour, The Invaluable Darkness 2007, The Ugly World Tour 2011, Twilight of the Thunder God, Twilight of the Thunder God Tour II, Unholy Alliance Chapter III, US Tour - Fall 2016, Versus the World, Wacken Roadshow 2003, With Oden on our Side, Wrath of the Norsemen Tour, X-Mas Festival 2003, X-Mas Festivals 1999.

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