KISS - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Kiss is an American rock band formed in New York City in January 1973. Members include; Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, Eric Singer, Tommy Thayer, Ace Frehley, Peter Criss, Eric Carr, Vinnie Vincent , Mark St. John, Bruce Kulick. Discography includes;.... Show More Kiss (1974), Hotter Than Hell (1974), Dressed to Kill (1975), Destroyer (1976), Rock and Roll Over (1976), Love Gun (1977), Gene Simmons (1978), Ace Frehley (1978), Peter Criss (1978), Paul Stanley (1978), Dynasty (1979), Unmasked (1980), Music from "The Elder" (1981), Creatures of the Night (1982), Lick It Up (1983), Animalize (1984), Asylum (1985), Crazy Nights (1987), Hot in the Shade (1989), Revenge (1992), Carnival of Souls: The Final Sessions (1997), Psycho Circus (1998), Sonic Boom (2009), Monster (2012). Tours include; Club tour 1973, Kiss tour 1974, Hotter than Hell tour 74-75, Dressed to kill tour 75, Alive tour 75-76, Destroyer Tour 76, Rock &rol over tour 76-77, Love Gun tour 77, Alive II tour 77-78, Dynasty tour 79, Unmasked tour 80, Creatures of the night tour tenth anniversary tour 82-83, Lick it up world tour 83-84, Animalize tour 85-86, Craxy nights World tour 87-88, Hot in The Shade TOur 90, Revenge Tour 92, Kiss my Ass tour 94-95, Alive/Worldwide tour 96-97, Psycho Circus Tour 98-00, Kiss Farewell tour 00-01, World domination Tour 03, Rock the nation world tour 04, Rising sun Tour 06, hit n Run Tour 07, alive 35 world tour 08-10, sonic Boom Over Europe tour 10, The hottest Show On Earth Tour 10-11, The Tour 12, Monster world Tour 12-13, the Kiss 40th Aniversary World Tour 14-15, Freedom to ROck tour 16-17.

Who owns the band KISS?

Both Gene Simmons and Paul Stanley have been business partners for 40 years, co-owning their band KISS.

Does KISS have merch?

KISS has more merchandise available than any other band or musical artist in the entire world, in the whole history of music. Rockabilia sells thousands of different KISS items.

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