A Lot Like Birds - Officially Licensed Merchandise

A Lot Like Birds is an American post-hardcore band formed in Sacramento, California. Members include; Cory Lockwood, Michael Franzino, Ben Wiacek, Joseph Arrington, Matt Coate, Kurt Travis, Michael Littlefield. Discography Includes; Plan B (2009), Conversation Piece (2011), No Place (2013),.... Show More Divisi (2017). Tours include; A Tour With No Name, DGD 10 Year Anniversary Tour, Rock Yourself To Sleep Tour, Sometimes I Feel Reeaaaaaal Weird Tour, The 'No Place' Tour, The Divisi Tour, The DMT, Sleep Paralsis, & All That Hyphy Shit Tour!, The Mindsweep Tour North America 2015, The No Place Tour, The Substance Sequence Tour, Vans Warped Tour 2014, w/ Being as an Ocean. Show Less