A Perfect Murder is a Canadian heavy metal band formed in 2000 in Montreal. Members have included Frank Pellerin, Carl Bouchard, Kevin Lemire, Luc Verville, Yan Chausse, Francois Michel Labrie, Kyrill Ducharme, Pierre Remillard, Sebastien, Jonathan, Dave B and Kevin Randel. Discography includes: Split with Burning Bridge - demo tape (2001), Blood Covered Words - EP (2001), 3 song promo - promo cd-r (2003), Cease to Suffer (2003), Unbroken (2004), Rehearsal - EP (2005), Strength through Vengeance (2005), War of Aggression (2007) and Demonize (2013). Tours include: Persistance Tour 2005 and Persistence Tour 2005.