Absu - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Absu is an American extreme metal band from Dallas, Texas formed in 1989. members include; Proscriptor McGovern, Ezezu, Vis Crom, Aethyris McKay, Zawicizuz, Vastator Terrarum, Shaftiel, Equitant Ifernain, Kashshapxu, Daviel Athron Mystica, Black Massith, Mezzadurus, Gary Lindholm, Daniel Benbow. Tours include; Abzu, All Shall Fall U.S.A. 2011, Anticosmic Music Festival, Australian Connexus Continuation Tour 2014, Bringing Mythological Occult Metal to North America: 2009, European Connexus Conjuration, European Tour 2017, Evil Over Europe Tour 2016., Never Blow Up The Eastern Candle, No Mercy Festivals 1999, North American Connexus Conjuration, North American Connexus Conjuration 2013.