Aeon - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Aeon is a death metal band that formed in �stersund, Sweden in 1999. Members have included Tommy Dahlstr�m, Sebastian Nilsson, Tony �stman, Johan Hjelm, Morgan Nordbakk, Nils Fjellstr�m, Max Carlberg, Victor Brandt, Arttu Malkki, Marcus Edvardsson, Daniel Dlimi, Ronnie Bj�rnstr�m and Emil Wiksten. Discography includes: Dark Order (EP, 2001), Bleeding the False (2005), Rise to Dominate (2007), Path of Fire (2010) and Aeons Black (2012). Tours include: Devastation on the Nation Tour, Extreme Death Fest vol.1, Summer Slaughter 2013, Summer Slaughter Tour 2013 and Winter Tour 2015.