Agression - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Agression is an American rock band from Silver Strand Beach, Oxnard, California. Agression was one of the founding bands of the Nardcore (Oxnard, California hardcore) scene and an early proponent of the skate punk genre. The band fused skate culture with the punk scene, featuring a song about skateboarding ("Intense Energy") and a Glen E. Friedmanphoto of Arthur Lake skating a pool on their first and most popular album, Don't Be Mistaken. Members include; Mark Hickey, Henry Knowles, Bob Steve, Mark Aber, Rob Thacker, Big Bob Clark, Danny DOrman, Steve Drjensky. Discography includes; Better Youth Organization Presents (BYO, 1982), Don't Be Mistaken LP (BYO 1983), Copulation - The Sound of Hollywood Compilation LP (Mystic, 1984), Nardcore Compilation LP (Mystic, 1984), Agression Bootleg LP, (Mystic/Bootleg 1985), Agression LP (Mystic 1985), Live Underground Railroad 7" (Mystic 1986), Best of Agression CD (Mystic 1995), Nowhere to Run CD (High Five Records 1995), Live at the Lair CD (High Five Records 1996), Full Circle CD (Cleopatra Records 2003), Locals Only: Live CD (Mystic 2005), Grind Kings CD (Lucky 13).