Air Supply - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Air Supply is an Australian soft rock duo, consisting of singer-songwriter and guitarist Graham Russell and lead vocalist Russell Hitchcock, formed in 1975. Members have included Jeremy Paul, Jeff Browne, Mark McEntee, Adrian Scott, Nigel Macara, Brenton White, Alan Kendall, Joey Carbone, Robin LeMesurier, Howard Sukimoto, David Moyse, Ralph Cooper, Criston Barker, Frank Esler-Smith, David Green, Rex Goh, Brian Hamilton, Dron Murphy, Haydn Murphy, Don Cromwell, Wally Stocker, Joey Murcia, George Terry, Harold Cowart, Jed Moss, CJ Burton, Guy Allison and Jimmy Haun. Discography includes: Air Supply (1976), The Whole Thing's Started (1977), Love & Other Bruises (1978), Life Support (1979), Lost in Love (1980), The One That You Love (1981), Now and Forever (1982), Air Supply (1985), Hearts in Motion (1986), The Christmas Album (1987), The Earth Is... (1991), The Vanishing Race (1993), News from Nowhere (1995), The Book of Love (1997), Yours Truly (2001), Across the Concrete Sky (2003) and Mumbo Jumbo (2010). Tours include: 35th Anniversary Tour, 37th years, 40th Anniversary Tour, Air Supply 2013, Eat to the Beat Concert Series, Greatest Hits, Hearts in Motion, Live Tour, Love Tour 2011, Summer of 84 and The Whole Thing's Started.