All That Remains - Officially Licensed Merchandise

All That Remains is an American heavy metal band from Springfield, Massachusetts, formed in 1998. Members include; Philip Labonte, Oli Herbert, Mike Martin, Jason Costa, Aaron Patrick, Dan Egan, Chris Bartlett, Michael Bartlett, Matt Deis, Paul Gray, Shannon Lucas, Jeanne.... Show More Sagan. Discography includes; Behind Silence and Solitude (2002), This Darkened Heart (2004), The Fall of Ideals (2006), Overcome (2008), For We Are Many (2010), A War You Cannot Win (2012), The Order of Things (2015), Madness (2017). Tours include; 2009 Australian Tour, 2011 Australian Tour, 2013 Winter Headline Tour, 2015 Fall Tour, 98.9 The Bear's Electric Christmas 2012, All Hope Is Gone, All That Remains, Charming America Tour, Dethalbum III, Doomsday Tour, Endless Summer Tour 2011, Fear Campaign Tour 2010, For We Are Many Tour, From Death to Destiny, GWAR Tour 2004, Harddrive Live 2009, Hell Remains, Indestructible, Inhuman Rampage, Jägermeister Music Tour (Winter 2011), K-Rockathon 18, Lazer 99.3 Holiday Hangover 2009, Lazer 99.3 Holiday Hangover 2010, Mayhem Festival 2009, Mayhem Festival 2009 (Off-Date), Mock the Vote Tour 2004, Monsters Mosh, Outlaw Gentlemen & Shady Ladies, Ozzfest 2006, Ozzfest 2006 (off date), Panic Over Europe, Panic Over Europe Tour 2010, Rock Allegiance Tour 2013, September 2004 Tour, Share the Welt Tour, Share the Welt Tour (Off-Date), Sounds of the Underground 2005, Sounds of the Underground 2007, Subliminal Verses World Tour 2005, The Fall of Ideals, The Napalm and Noise Tour, The Order of Things Promotional Work, The Order of Things Tour, The Powerless Rise Tour, Tour And Loathing 2007, Uranium Tour 2011, Vans Warped Tour 2008, WCCC Christmas Chaos, Zing Fling. Show Less