Amoral - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Amoral was a metal band from Helsinki, Finland, formed in 1997. Members include; Ben Varon, Ari Koivunen, Masi Hukari, Juhana Karlsson, Pekka Johansson, Niko Kalliojärvi, Silver Ots, Erkki Silvennoinen, Matti Pitkänen, Ville Sorvali. Discography includes; Wound Creations (2004), Spikefarm, Decrowning.... Show More (2005), Reptile Ride (2007), Show Your Colors (2009), Beneath (2011), Fallen Leaves & Dead Sparrows (2014), In Sequence (2016). Tours include; Bearers Of The Sword, Bearers Of The Sword Tour 2012, Ensiferum Tour 2012, European Tour 2009, European Tour 2012, Forging Europe 2009, Uniformity Tour. Show Less