Angry Samoans - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Angry Samoans are an American punk rock band from the first wave of American punk, formed in August 1978 in Los Angeles, California. Members have included "Metal Mike" Saunders, Gregg Turner, Todd Homer, Bill Vockeroth, Jeff Dahl, Bonze Blayk, P.J. Galligan, Steve Drojensky, Alison Victor, Mark Byrne, Jonathan Hall, Kevin Joseph, Landon Gale-George, Colin Alflen, Nathan Javier, Scott Greer, Heith Seifert, Mike "Cyco Loco" Avilez, Adrianne Harmon, Rick Dasher, Dan Siegal and Matt "Malice" Vicknair. Discography includes: Back from Samoa (1982), STP Not LSD (1988) and The '90s Suck and So Do You (1999). Tours include: Back from Samoa, Midwest/Canadian Tour w/ The Cryptics and Punk Rock Bowling 2013.