Annihilator - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Annihilator is a Canadian thrash metal band founded in 1984. Members include; Jeff Waters, Aaron Homma, Rich Hinks, Fabio Alessandrini, John Bates, Dennis Dubeau, Randy Rampage, Coburn Pharr, Aaron Randall, Joe Comeau, Dave Padden, K.C. Toews, Anthony Greenham, Dave Davis, Neil Goldberg, Curran Murphy, Dave Scott, Wayne Darley, Cam Dixon, Lou Bujdoso, Russell Bergquist, Sandor de Bretan, Brian Daemon, Alberto "Al" Campuzano, Oscar Rangel, Paul Malek, Richard Death, Ray Hartmann, Randy Black, Mike Mangini, Dave Machander, Rob Falzano, Tony Chappelle, Alex Landenburg, Carlos Cantatore, Mike Harshaw,. Dsicography includes; Alice in Hell (1989), Never, Neverland (1990), Set the World on Fire (1993), King of the Kill (1994), Refresh the Demon (1996), Remains (1997), Criteria for a Black Widow (1999), Carnival Diablos (2001), Waking the Fury (2002), All for You (2004), Schizo Deluxe (2005), Metal (2007), Annihilator (2010), Feast (2013), Suicide Society (2015). Tours include; Alice In Hell, Carnival Diablos Tour, Cut Away the Fat Tour 2000, Europe in the Blood, Europe in the Blood Tour 2015, Europe In The Blood Tour 2016 Pt. 2, European Summer Tour 2013, Feast on Europe Tour 2013, King of the Kill, Never, Neverland Tour, Painkiller, Practice What You Preach, Refresh the Demon, Ripping Through Canada 2017, Set the World on Fire Tour, South American Annihilation, Summer Europe 2017, The Crusade, Total Annihilation 2010, Waking The Fury, Wicked World Tour 2007.