Anti-Heros - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Anti-Heroes were an American Oi!/street punk band formed in 1984 in Atlanta, Georgia, United States. Members have included Mark Noah, Mike Jones, Phil Solomon and Joe Winograd. Discography includes: That's Right! on LINK Records (1987), Don't Tread On Me on LINK Records (1988), Election Day 7" on GMM Records (1992), That's Right!/Don't Tread On Me multi-CD on GMM Records (1994), Murder One mini-CD on GMM Records (1995), American Pie CD and LP on Taang! Records (1996), Live on a Five 5" on Headache Records (1997), Truck Stop Toilet split 7" with Blanks 77 on Taang! Records (1997), Anti-Heros vs. Dropkick Murphys split on TKO Records (1998), Underneath the Underground on GMM Records (1999) and 1000 Nights of Chaos LIVE on Taang! Records (2000).