Avett Brothers - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Avett Brothers are an American folk rock band from Mount Pleasant, North Carolina, USA formed in 2000. Members have included Seth Avett, Scott Avett, Bob Crawford and Joe Kwon. Discography includes: Country Was (2002), A Carolina Jubilee (2003), Mignonette (2004), Four Thieves Gone: The Robbinsville Sessions (2006), Emotionalism (2007), I and Love and You (2009), The Carpenter (2012), Magpie and the Dandelion (2013) and True Sadness (2016). Tours include: Dear Jerry: Let's Play 2: This Is 30!, Emotionalism, Fall 2015, Four Thieves Gone, Great Northwest Music Tour 2007, I and Love and You, I and Love and You Promo Tour, Mignonette, Spring Tour 2016, The Carpenter and True Sadness.