Belphegor - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Belphegor is a extreme metal band from Salzburg, Austria, formed in 1991. Members have included Helmuth, Serpenth, BloodHammer, Sigurd Hagenauer, Maxx, Chris, Marius "Reverend Mausna" Klausner, Bartholom�us "Barth" Resch, Florian "Torturer" Klein and Nefastus. Discography includes: The Last Supper (1995),.... Show More Blutsabbath (1997), Necrodaemon Terrorsathan (2000), Lucifer Incestus (2003), Goatreich � Fleshcult (2005), Pestapokalypse VI (2006), Bondage Goat Zombie (2008), Walpurgis Rites � Hexenwahn (2009), Blood Magick Necromance (2011) and Conjuring the Dead (2014). Tours include: �BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE" WORLD TOUR 2011 PT.III, 2015 North American Tour, 20th Anniversary Shows 2013, BELPHEGOR - BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE EUROPEAN RUN, BELPHEGOR - BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE SCANDINAVIAN RUN 2009, BELPHEGOR - BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE SUMMER FESTIVALS 2008, BELPHEGOR - BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE USA/ CAN RUN 2008, BELPHEGOR - BONDAGE GOAT ZOMBIE WINTER RAID 2008, BELPHEGOR - PESTAPOKALYPSE VI USA RUN 2008 PT. III, BELPHEGOR "BLOOD MAGICK NECROMANCE" WORLD TOUR 2011 PT.III, BELPHEGOR ITALY ASSAULT, BELPHEGOR OVER MEXICO, BELPHEGOR PESTAPOKALYPSE VI PT. II, BELPHEGOR USA/CAN RUN, Blackest of the Black 2006, Blackfest over X-Mas, Blood Magick Necromance, Chapter X Pre-Release Show, Conjuring the Dead - North American Raid 2016, Conjuring the Dead Raid - Europe 2015, CROWN MASSACRE TOUR, European Terror Raid 2015, Evil Over Europe Tour 2016, Festival Invasion 2015, Goatreich Fleshcult Tour, God is Dead, To Hell With God, Heathenfest America 2009, Hordes Of Chaos, INFERNAL LIVE ORGAMS TOUR 2002, Latin American Cremation 2017, Latin American Raid 2014, LUCIFER INCESTUS TERROR TOUR 2004, Metalfest 2007, North American Raid 2011, Pestapokalypse VI, PESTAPOKALYPSE VI - CD RELEASE PARTIES OCT. 06, PESTAPOKALYPSE VI CAMPAIGN, Pestapokalypse VI European Tour, South American Raid 2009, South American Raid 2011, Special Live Rituals 2014, SUMMER FESTIVALS 2004, Summer Festivals 2012, TERRORSATHAN TOUR 2001, The Flaming Arts Festival 2016, Walpurgis Rites � Hexenwahn, WALPURGIS RITES - HEXENWAHN EUROPEAN TOUR 2010, Walpurgis Rites - Hexenwahn Festivals 2010, Walpurgis Rites Raid Europa 2010, Walpurgis Rites Raid European Headliner Tour 2010, X MASS FEST 2004 EUROPEAN TOUR and X-Mas Festivals 2004. Show Less