Blackguard - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Blackguard is a melodic death metal band from Montréal, Québec, previously known as Profugus Mortis. Members include Paul "Ablaze" Zinay, Terry "Roadcase" Deschenes, Justine Ethier, Kim Gosselin, Jonathan Lefrançois-Leduc, Émilie Livernois, Alkin, Mordred, Étienne Mailloux, Louis Jacques. Discography includes; So It Begins (2007), Profugus Mortis (2009), Firefight (2011), Storm. Tours include; A Taste Of Extreme Divinity North American Tour, Atavist Tour, Blodsvept Over America, Design Your Universe North American Tour II, Design Your Universe Tour, Drummond Metalfest 3, Firefight, Glorious Collision 2011 US Tour, God is Dead - To Hell With God, Headlining Show, Infinity Tour 2013, North American Infinity Tour 2013, Paganfest 2009 (North America), Pandemonium Over North America 2011, Silverthorn Tour, Summer Slaughter 2009, Symphony x, Kamelot Tour, The Living Infinite Tour, The Obsidian Conspiracy Tour, Tour From Afar.