Blind Guardian - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Blind Guardian is a German power metal band formed in the mid-1980s in Krefeld, West Germany. Members include; Hansi Kürsch, André Olbrich, Marcus Siepen, Frederik Ehmke, Thomas Kelleners, Markus Dörk, Christoph Theissen, Hans-Peter Frey, Thomas "Thomen" Stauch. Discography includes; Battalions of Fear (1988), Follow the Blind (1989), Tales from the Twilight World (1990), Somewhere Far Beyond (1992), Imaginations from the Other Side (1995), Nightfall in Middle-Earth (1998), A Night at the Opera (2002), A Twist in the Myth (2006), At the Edge of Time (2010), Beyond the Red Mirror (2015). Tours include; A Night at the Opera, A Twist in the Myth Tour, Accoustic, Bang Your Head Festival, Beyond the Red Mirror, Epitaph, Fan Club Meeting 1999, Fuck Off and Dive Tour, Imaginations 2016/2017, Imaginations for North America, Imaginations from the Other Side Tour, Japan 1998, Live 2014, Live Beyond the Spheres, Memories of a Tour to Come, Nightfall In Middle Earth, Sacred Worlds and Songs Divine, Somewhere Far Beyond Tour, Tales From the Twilight World, The Forgotten Tour 1996.