Blood For Blood - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Blood For Blood is an American hardcore punk band from Boston, Massachusetts, United States. Members have included Billy Graziadei, Ian McFarland, Robert Falzano, "White Trash" Rob Lind, Erick "Buddha" Medina, Mike "Cap'n" Mahoney, Gina Benevides, Greg Dellaria, Jeremy Wooden, Craig Silverman, Dustin Hengst and Neal Dike. Discography include: 1st Demo (1994), Hurt You Demo (1995), Soulless 7 (1996), Enemy 7 (1997), Revenge on Society (1998), Spit My Last Breath (1999), Livin' in Exile (1999), Wasted Youth Brew (2001), Outlaw Anthems (2002) and Serenity (2004). Tours include: Hamburg Hardcore Night and Persistence tour 2010.