Boris - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Boris is a Japanese experimental band formed in 1992 in Tokyo. Members include; Atsuo, Takeshi, Wata, Nagata. Discography Includes; Absolutego (1996), Amplifier Worship (1998), Flood (2000), Heavy Rocks (2002), Akuma no Uta (2003), Boris at Last: Feedbacker (2003), The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked (2004), Dronevil (2005), Sound Track from Film "Mabuta no Ura" (2005), Pink (2005), The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 2 (2006), The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked 3 (2006), Vein (2006), Smile (2008), New Album (2011), Heavy Rocks (2011), Attention Please (2011), Präparat (2013), Noise (2014), The Thing Which Solomon Overlooked Extra (2014), Urban Dance (2015), Warpath (2015), Asia (2015), Dear (2017). Tours include; "DEAR" UK/Euro Tour 2017, "HOPE" -Boris US/CANADA Tour 2011-, "HOPE" -Boris World Tour 2011-, 2013 US Tour, Asagiri Jam 2009, DEAR Release Party, Euro Tour, Europe 2011 Boris & Russian Circles, Feedbacker Tour, Hope World Tour, I'll Be Your Mirror, Leave Them All Behind, Lights in the Sky, Lights In The Sky Over North America (2nd Leg), Live Noise Alive, Memento Mori Preview, Pink 10 Year Anniversary, Satanalia, Smile Tour, Smile Tour w/ Michio Kurihara, Tokyo Wonderland.