Buzzoven - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Buzzoven (typeset Buzzov•en) is a sludge metal band from North Carolina, formed in 1990. Members include; Kirk Fisher, Dave Collins, Ramsey Ateyeh, Mike Floyd, Fred Hutch, Scott Majors, Brian Hill, Ashley Williamson, Buddy Apostolis, Dennis Woolard, Mykull Davidson, Johnny Brito, Craig Baker. Discography includes; 1991 Buttrash, 1992 Hate Box, 1992 Wound, 1993 To a Frown, 1994 Sore Studio, 1994 Unwilling to Explain, 1994 Paintime Grit, 1997 The Gospel According… II, 1998 ...At a Loss, Revelation: Sick Again, 2005 Welcome to Violence, 2010 Violence From The Vault. Tours include; Maryland Deathfest IX, Reunion Tour.