Cannabis Corpse - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Cannabis Corpse is a marijuana-themed death metal band. Cannabis Corpse formed in Richmond, Virginia in 2006. Members in clude; Philip "Landphil" Hall, Josh "HallHammer" Hall, Brandon Ellis, Dan Schavemacher, Vic "Con-Vic" Anti, Andy "Weedgrinder" Horn, Nick "Nikropolis" Poulos. Discography includes; Tube of the Resinated (2008), Beneath Grow Lights Thou Shalt Rise (2011), From Wisdom to Baked (2014), Left Hand Pass (2017). Tours include; 2011 North American Ritual Tour, From Wisdom to Baked US Tour 2014, Fury and Flames, Hell In July, Ritual Tour, Ritual Tour (Off-Date).