Cattle Decapitation - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Cattle Decapitation is an American death metal band from San Diego, California, formed in 1996. Members have included Travis Ryan, Josh Elmore, Dave McGraw, Derek Engemann, Scott Miller, Gabe Serbian, Dave Astor, Michael Laughlin and Troy Oftedal. Discography includes: Homovore (2000), To Serve Man (2002), Humanure (2004), Karma.Bloody.Karma (2006), The Harvest Floor (2009), Monolith of Inhumanity (2012) and The Anthropocene Extinction (2015). Tours include: Back to the Worm, Blackenedfest, By the Fans, For the Fans, Death by Decibels Tour, European Human Harvest Tour 2010, European Spring Tour 2013, Hate Across Australia Tour 2013, Humanure, Josh Barnett Presents: The Sun Forever Rising, Make America Hate Again, Metal Blade 35th Anniversary Tour, Never Say Die! The Beginning, Occupation Domination 2012, Reborn of Death European Tour 2012, The Autumn Apocalypse Tour, The Blood of Power Tour, The California Blood Tour, The European Extinction Tour, The North American Extinction Tour, The North American Extinction: Mexico Tour 2016, The Summer Slaughter Tour 2015, The Summer Slaughter Tour North America | Summer 2007, The Summer Slaughter Tour North America 2013, The Tyrants of Death European Tour 2016 and To Serve Man.