Covenant - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Covenant is an electronic band formed in 1986 in Helsingborg, Sweden. Members have included Eskil Simonsson, Joakim Montelius, Andreas Catjar, Daniel Jonasson, Clas Nachmanson and Daniel Myer. Discography includes: Dreams of a Cryotank (1994), Sequencer (1996), Europa (1998), United States of Mind (2000), Northern Light (2002), Skyshaper (2006), Modern Ruin (2011), Leaving Babylon (2013) and Blinding Dark (2016). Tours include: Castle Party Festival, Christmas Ball 2009, Dark Area Festival 2007, Dark Dance Treffen, Dark Storm Festival 2003, Dark Storm Festival 2006, Dark Storm Festival 2008, Doomsday Festival, Dreams Of A Cryotank 2012, Dreams Of A Cryotank Tour 2012, Dreams Of Cryotank Re-Release Tour, E-tropolis Festival 2010, E-tropolis Festival 2013, Eine Nacht im Bergwerk Festival, Entre Muralhas Festival, Gothic Festival 2007, Gothika Fashion Show, Iberian Tour Modern Ruin 2009, Invitation Festival Gent, Leaving Babylon North America Tour, Leaving Babylon Tour, M'Era Luna Festival 2007, Modern Ruin Teaser Tour, Modern Ruin Tour 2011, Northern Light, Northern Light Tour, Nothern Light, SAMA Festival, Skyshaper Tour, The Blinding Dark, United States Of Mind, Virtual Xmas, Wave Gotik Treffen 2004 and Wave Gotik Treffen 2008.