Cramps - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Cramps were an American garage punk band, formed in 1976. Members have included Lux Interior (Erick Purkhiser), Poison Ivy (Kristy Wallace), Harry Drumdini (Harry Meisenheimer), Pam Ballam (Pam Beckerleg), Bryan Gregory (Greg Beckerleg), Miriam Linna, Nick Knox, Julien Grindsnatch, Kid Congo Powers (Brian Tristan), Mike Metoff (as Ike Knox), Click Mort, Touch Hazard (Tim Maag), Fur Dixon (Jennifer Dixon), Candy del Mar, Jim Sclavunos, Slim Chance, Nickey Alexander, Doran Shelley, SugarPie Jones, Jen Hanrahan, Sean Yseult (Shauna Reynolds), Scott "Chopper" Franklin and "Jungle" Jim Chandler Bill "Buster" Bateman. Discography includes: Songs the Lord Taught Us (1980, Illegal), Psychedelic Jungle (1981, I.R.S.), A Date with Elvis (1986, Big Beat), Stay Sick! (1990, Enigma), Look Mom No Head! (1991, Enigma), Flamejob (1994, The Medicine Label), Big Beat from Badsville (1997, Epitaph) and Fiends of Dope Island (2003, Vengeance). Tours include: 1979 European Tour, 1986 European Tour, 2002 Tour, 2006 European Tour, A Date with Elvis, Big Beat From Badsville, Fiends Of Dope Island, 2003-04 Tour, Flamejob, Look Mom No Head, Look Mom, No Head! Tour, Lucky 13 Tour, Psychedelic Jungle, Smell of Female, Songs The Lord Taught Us, Songs the Lord Taught Us European Tour, Spring 1990 Tour and Stay Sick! Tour.