Cult - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Cult are a British rock band formed in 1983. Members have included Ian Astbury, Billy Duffy, John Tempesta, Grant Fitzpatrick and Damon Fox. Discography includes: Dreamtime (1984), Love (1985), Electric (1987), Sonic Temple (1989), Ceremony (1991), The Cult (1994), Beyond Good and Evil (2001), Born into This (2007), Choice of Weapon (2012) and Hidden City (2016). Tours include: 2017 European Tour, 2017 U.S.Tour, A Return to Wild, Alive in the Hidden City, Beauty is on the Streets, Beyond Good and Evil, Born Into This, Ceremonial Stomp, Choice of Weapon, Choose Your Weapon, Destroy Europa Tour, Dreamtime, Electric, Electric 13, Hair of the Underdog, J�germeister Music Tour (Fall 2007), L'America, Left Coast 15, Love, Love Live, Poor Touring Me, Sonic Temple and The Cult Rising.