Dickies - Officially Licensed Merchandise

The Dickies are an American punk rock band formed in San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles in 1977. Members include; Leonard Graves Phillips, Stan Lee, Ben David Seelig, Adam Gomez, Eddie Tatar, Chuck Wagon, Billy Club, Karlos Kaballero, Jerry Angel, Laurie Buhne, Steve Hufsteter, Anthony Tiny Biuso, Scott Sindon, Enoch Hain, Cliff Martinez, Alisa Wood, Glen Laughlin, Jonathan Melvoin, Marc Vachon, Dylan Thomas, Rick Dasher, Greg HAnna, Travis Johnson, Kris Kwiatkowski, Little Dave Teague. Discography includes; The Incredible Shrinking Dickies (1979), Dawn of the Dickies (1979), Stukas Over Disneyland (1983), Second Coming (1989), Idjit Savant (1995), Dogs from the Hare That Bit Us (1998), All This and Puppet Stew (2001). tours icnlude; 40th Anniversary Tour, Golden Voice 30th Anniversary Show, Killer Klowns From Outer Space Tour, Loco-A-Gogo Tour, Misfits Fiend Fest, Primordial Ooze Tour 2013 ,Vans Warped Tour 2017.