Dir En Grey - Officially Licensed Merchandise

DIR EN GREY is a Japanese heavy metal band formed in 1997. Members include; Kyo, Kaoru, Die, Toshiya, Shinya. Discography includes; Gauze (1999), Macabre (2000), Kisou (2002), Vulgar (2003), Withering to Death. (2005), The Marrow of a Bone (2007), Uroboros (2008), Dum Spiro Spero (2011), Arche (2014). Tours include; 2007 Summer US Tour, 2014 Australian Tour, A Birth, ANDROGYNOS -a view of the Acro-, ANDROGYNOS -a view of the Megiddo-, ARCHE, ARCHE -a knot LIMITED EXTRA-, BAJRA, BLITZ 5DAYS, CHINA TOUR 2015, CRUCIFY OF MARIA... TO "MISSA", Dir en grey Presents MAZOHYST OF DECADENCE SHOW, Dir en grey YELLOW SPECIAL EVENT, DORJE, DUM SPIRO SPERO, Family Values Tour 2006, FINEM LAUDA, Formation Commemoration One-Man Live, IN THE DYING MOMENTS, Inaugural Memorial SHOCK WAVE' 97 vol.2, KAEDE ~if trans…~ Mechanism For Leave-sin-, KAEDE ~if trans…~ Mechanism For Leave-the scene of the tragedy-, KAEDE ~if trans…~ Mechanism For Leave-Unknown…Despair…a Lost… ~Bloody Stage Of Decision~, Kerrang! Relentless Energy Drink Tour 2009, Linkin Park Japan Tour 2007, MISSA 2Days, NEO Behind the Mask, One-Man Live, OVERSEAS (EU) TOUR2013 TABULA RASA, OVERSEAS (EUROPE) TOUR15 THE UNSTOPPABLE LIFE, OVERSEAS (North / South America) TOUR09 ALL VISIBLE THINGS, OVERSEAS (North America) TOUR15 NEVER FREE FROM THE AWAKENING, OVERSEAS (U.S. / CANADA) TOUR2013 GHOUL, PSYCHONNECT -mode of “GAUZE”?, PSYCHONNECT ~before the storm~, Ratio ducat, non fortuna, Ratio ducat, non fortuna -Zombie-, RETTOU GEKISHIN ANGYA 2002 -ASIA- FINAL The Japanese Fxxker Family, RETTOU GEKISHIN ANGYA 2002 5 Ugly KINGDOM, RETTOU GEKISHIN ANGYA 2002 KAIKA SHINGAN, RETTOU GEKISHIN ANGYA 2002 MASTER OF MONSTER, RETTOU GEKISHIN ANGYA 2002 MASTER OF MONSTER 5 Ugly Heads, SHOCK WAVE ILLUSION, SHOCK WAVE'98 vol. 1 ~The Spring Storm~, Showcase Tour, SOUTEN NO HEKIREKI, SUPER LIVE '99 In TOKUSHIMA, Taste of Chaos Japan, The Four Foot Night, THE MANIPULATED LIFE, THE UNWAVERING FACT OF TOMORRow TOUR2010, THE UNWAVERING FACT OF TOMORROW TOUR2010 (European Leg), THE UNWAVERING FACT OF TOMORROW TOUR2010 (North American Leg), THE UNWAVERING FACT OF TOMORROW TOUR2010-2011, TOUR 00>>01 MACABRE Deep[–], Deep [–], Deep [–], Deep[er, TOUR 00>>01 MACABRE brain gain(er) brain drain(er), TOUR 00>>01 MACABRE Final more deep (quake), TOUR 00>>01?MACABRE?brain gain(er) brain drain(er), TOUR 2000 The type of Deity, TOUR Deep [sink], Deep [gaze], Deep [agonize], Deep [-],TOUR03 OVER THE VULGAR SHUDDER, TOUR04 KEEN UNDER THE SUN, TOUR04 THE CODE OF VULGAR[ism], TOUR05 It withers and withers, TOUR06 INWARD SCREAm, TOUR07 DOZING GREEN, TOUR07 THE MARROW OF A BONE -PREMIUM LIVE-, TOUR08 DEATH OVER BLINDNESS, TOUR08 THE ROSE TRIMS AGAIN, TOUR09 ALL VISIBLE THINGS.