Dr. Know - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Dr. Know is a punk band which began as a Nardcore band from Oxnard, California, formed in 1981. Members have included Kyle Toucher, Tim Harkins, Steve Morrison, Ismael Hernandez, Robin Cartwright, Brandon Cruz, Kyle Toucher, Steve Contreras, Rick Contreras, Rik Heller, Ron Baird, Dave Cassilas, Tony Black, Mike Vallejo, Jody Hill, N!k, Liberty Allen, Eric Vasquez, Craig Cano, Larz White, David Smash, Gizz Lazlo, Mike Purdy and Mike Vega. Discography includes: We Got Power, Party or Go Home - Compilation LP (1983), It Came From Slimy Valley, Compilation LP (1983), Party Animal, We Got Power II - Compilation LP (1984), Covers, Compilation LP (1984), Mystic Super Seven Sampler No. 1, Compilation LP (1984), Mystic Sampler No. 1, Compilation LP, Mystic Sampler No. 2, Compilation LP, Mystic Sampler No. 3, Compilation LP, Nardcore, Compilation LP (1984), Plug-in Jesus, 12" LP (1984), Burn, 7" EP (1985), This Island Earth, 12" LP (1986), The Original Group, 12" LP (1987), Wreckage in Flesh, 12" LP (1988), This Island Earth/Wreckage In Flesh, CD (1990), Father, Son, and Holy Shit, LP (2000), Habily: What Was Old Is New, CD (2001), Fish & Vegetables, Compilation CD (2001), Best of Dr. Know, CD (2003), Welcome to the Neighborhood, Compilation CD (2005) and Killing For God, CD /Vinyl LP (2008). Tours include: Toured from 1984-2015.