Duane Peters Gunfight - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Duane Peters (born June 12, 1961), nicknamed "The Master of Disaster" is a punk rock singer/songwriter and professional skateboarder. Active since 1975, he is probably best known as the singer in the California punk rock band U.S. Bombs, which formed in 1993. Discography includes; Scouts of America, Put Strength in the Final Blow, Garibaldi Guard!, Nevermind the Opened Minds, "Outtakes from a Beer City Basement", Jaks, War Birth, "split w/ The Bristles", The Great Lakes of Beer, "Hobroken Dreams", The World, 2001/Lost in America Live, "Tora Tora Tora", Back at the Laundromat, "Art Kills", Covert Action, Bomb Everything, Put Strength in the Final Blow, "We are the Problem", We are the Problem, Death From Above, Generation Kennedy No More.