Dwarves - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Dwarves is an American punk rock band formed in Chicago, Illinois, as The Suburban Nightmare, in the mid-1980s. They are currently based in San Francisco, California. Members include; Blag Dahlia, HeWhoCannotBeNamed, Rex Everything, Fresh Prince of Darkness, Dutch Ovens, Salt Peter, Thrusty Otis, Wreck Tom, Clint Torres, Crash Landon, Whölley Smökkes, Vadge Moore, Dylan Weed, Gregory Pecker, Eric Generic, Marky DeSade, Sigh Moan, Tazzie Bushweed, Chip Fracture, Dark Shoulders, Andy Christ, Slambeau Randall Cyr. Discography includes; Horror Stories LP (Voxx Records, 1986, VXS 200.037), Toolin' For A Warm Teabag LP (Nasty Gash Records, 1988, NG 001), Blood Guts & Pussy LP (Sub Pop, 1990, SP 67), Thank Heaven for Little Girls LP (Sub Pop, 1991, SP 126), Sugarfix LP (Sub Pop, 1993, SP 197), The Dwarves Are Young and Good Looking LP (Theologian Records, 1997, T53), The Dwarves Come Clean LP (Epitaph Records, 2000, 86575 1), How To Win Friends And Influence People (Reptilian Records, 2001, REP 068), The Dwarves Must Die (2004), The Dwarves Are Born Again (2011), The Dwarves Invented Rock & Roll (2014). Tours include; Dwarves Are Born Again, emusic Punk-O-Rama Tour, Gabba Gabba Blood and Guts 2017, Punk Rock Bowling 2011, Punk-O-Rama 2000.