Electric Wizard - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Electric Wizard are an English doom metal band from Dorset formed in 1993. Members have included Jus Oborn, Liz Buckingham, Clayton Burgess, Simon Poole, Mark Greening, Tim Bagshaw, Rob Al-Issa, Justin Greaves, Shaun Rutter, Tas Danazoglou and Glenn Charman. Discography includes: Electric Wizard (1995), Come My Fanatics... (1997), Dopethrone (2000), Let Us Prey (2002), We Live (2004), Witchcult Today (2007), Black Masses (2010) and Time to Die (2014). Tours include: 2009 European Tour, Apocalypse Now, Australia Tour, Doomed Trinity Tour, Legalise Drugs and Murder - European Tour 2012, Metal Maniacs Christmas Ball, North American Tour 2015 and We Live Tour with Capricorns.