Foghat - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Foghat are an English rock band formed in London in 1971. Members have included Roger Earl, Craig MacGregor, Bryan Bassett, Charlie Huhn, Dave Peverett, Rod Price, Tony Stevens, Nick Jameson, Erik Cartwright, Kenny Aaronson, Rob Alter, Eric Burgeson, Brett Cartwright, Jeff Howell, Phil Nudelman, Billy Davis and Dave Crigger. Discography includes: Foghat (1972), Rock and Roll (1973), Energized (1974), Rock and Roll Outlaws (1974), Fool for the City (1975), Night Shift (1976), Live (1977), Stone Blue (1978), Boogie Motel (1979), Tight Shoes (1980), Girls to Chat & Boys to Bounce (1981), In the Mood for Something Rude (1982), Zig-Zag Walk (1983), Return of the Boogie Men (1994), Family Joules (2003), Decades Live (2003), Foghat Live II (2007), Last Train Home (2010), Under the Influence (2016) and Live at the Belly Up (2017). Tours include: Energized, Family Joules, Fool for the City, Girls to Chat & Boys to Bounce, Night Shift, Return of the Boogie Men, Rock and Roll, Rock and Roll Outlaws, Roger Earl's Foghat, Spring 1990 Tour, Spring Daze '97, Stone Blue, Summer Jam '95, Summerdaze, SummerHaze, Tight Shoes and Zig-Zag Walk.