George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic - Officially Licensed Merchandise

George Clinton & Parliament Funkadelic is an American funk, soul and rock music collective formed in 1968. Members have included George Clinton, Ray Davis, Clarence "Fuzzy" Haskins, Calvin Simon, Grady Thomas, Billy Bass Nelson, Eddie Hazel, Tawl Ross, Tiki Fulwood, Mickey Atkins, Bernie Worrell, Bootsy Collins, Cordell Mosson, Rodney "Skeet" Curtis, Garry Shider, Prakash John, Tyrone Lampkin, Glenn Goins, Michael Hampton, Debbie Wright, Gary "Muddbone" Cooper, Jerome Brailey, Fred Wesley, Maceo Parker, Michael Brecker, Randy Brecker, Rick Gardner, Reunald "Renny" Jones, Jeanette Washington, Mallia Franklin- Queen of Funk, Dawn Silva, Lynn Mabry, Ron Ford, Shirley Hayden, Greg Thomas, Larry Heckstall, Walter "Junie" Morrison, Robert "P-Nut" Johnson and Ruth Copeland. Discography includes: Osmium (1970), Up for the Down Stroke (1974), Chocolate City (1975), Mothership Connection (1975), The Clones of Dr. Funkenstein (1976), Funkentelechy Vs. the Placebo Syndrome (1977), Motor Booty Affair (1978), Gloryhallastoopid (1979) and Trombipulation (1980). Tours include: Australian Tour 2013, Bluesfest 2011, Flashlight, Houston International Festival, LibertyJam, Mardi Gras Madness Tour, One Nation Under A Groove (European Tour), P. Funk Earth Tour, Schwagstock 32 and The Galactic Space Circus Tour.