Ghost - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Sweden's Ghost have singlehandedly become Rockabilia's most important "new" band. Ever since we heard and saw their first album, 'Opus Eponymous,' we knew they were destined for greatness. But even we couldn't imagine the sort of mainstream success.... Show More that band mastermind Tobias Forge (aka Papa Emeritus) would go on to achieve. Starting as a doom metal and psychedelic rock side project, Tobias forged Ghost into a pop sensation, albeit draped in tongue-in-cheek occult and satanic dressings, seemingly overnight. They've infatuated everyone from the young TikTok generation to the old metalheads who worship King Diamond & Mercyful Fate, and everyone in between. And ghost merch has become almost as important as the music itself. A ghost t shirt has become a symbol that shows you're one of Papa's "Nameless Ghouls," and the fandom that goes along with ghost band merch runs deep. Cheers to a true artist like Ghost, was they are as rare as a Hunter's Moon! Regarding Ghost, once again (as I explained on our call last week), we are NOT "allowed" to use B.C. anymore, per the band's management. So I don't think there's anything we can do to that name anymore, as it has to be "Ghost" only from now on. Show Less