Ghoul - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Ghoul is an American thrash metal band from Oakland, California, United States formed in 2001. Members include; Cremator (Ross Sewage), Digestor (Sean McGrath), Dissector (Peter Svoboda), Fermentor (Peژ Mon), Cremator (Andrew LaBarre), Fermentor (Dino Sommese), Dissector (Dan Randall). Discography includes; We Came for the Dead!!! (2002, Razorback Records), Maniaxe (2003, Razorback Records), Splatterthrash (2006, Razorback Records), Transmission Zero (2011, Tankcrimes), Hang Ten (EP) (2014, Tankcrimes), Dungeon Bastards (2016, Tankcrimes). Tours include; One Foot in the Grave Tour 2016, Return of the World Maggot Tour 2011, Return of the World Maggot Tour 2012, Weapons of Mosh Destruction, Weapons of Mosh Destruction 3-D.