Godhead - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Godhead is an American rock band from Washington, D.C. formed in 1994. Members have included Jason C. Miller, Mike Miller, Ullrich "Method" Hepperlin, Ty Smith, Bruce Brandstatter, John Pettitt, James O'Connor, Tom Z, Ken Jay and Glendon Crain. Discography includes: America Now (1994), Godhead (1995), Nothingness (1997), Power Tool Stigmata (1998), 2000 Years of Human Error (2001), Evolver (2003), Non-Stop Ride (2004), The Shadow Line (2006), At the Edge of the World (2008) and The Shadow Realigned (2014). Tours include: Guns, God and Government Tour, KROCK's Boot Kamp 2k1, Mutter (First Leg), Ozzfest 2001, The Congress of Corruption Tour and The Preaching to the Perverted Tour.