Gorerotted - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Gorerotted were a British death metal band formed in 1997 which split up in January 2008 and reformed with new members as The Rotted. Members have included Ben McCrow aka "Goreskin/Babysliced�, Tim "Fluffy" Carley, Gian Pyres, Phil Wilson, "Junky Jon" aka Jon "Rushy" Rushforth, Jason "Mr Gore" Merle, Graham "Nutty Strangeways" Hoddis, Alan Hall, Matt "Robin Pants" Hoban, Dave "Dicksplash" Hewitt, Jeremy "Milky" Gray and Dave "Infestor" Hirschheimer. Discography includes: Her Gash I Did Slash (1998), Mutilated in Minutes (2001), Split Your Guts Vol. 1 (2002), Only Tools and Corpses (2003) and A New Dawn for the Dead (2005). Tours include: Toured from 2001-2007.