Grave Digger - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Grave Digger is a German heavy metal band, formed in 1980. Members include; Chris Boltendahl, Axel Ritt, Jens Becker, Stefan Arnold, Marcus Kniep. Diiscography Includes; 1984 Heavy Metal Breakdown, 1985 Witch Hunter, 1986 War Games, 1986 Stronger Than Ever (under name Digger), 1993 The Reaper, 1995 Heart of Darkness, 1996 Tunes of War, 1998 Knights of the Cross, 1999 Excalibur, 2001 The Grave Digger, 2003 Rheingold, 2005 The Last Supper, 2007 Liberty or Death, 2009 Ballads of a Hangman, 2010 The Clans Will Rise Again, 2012 Clash of the Gods, 2014 Return of the Reaper, 2017 Healed by Metal. Tours include; 20 Jahre Grave Digger, Ballads of a Hangman, Clash of the Gods, GERMAN METAL ATTACK, German Metal Attack 2013, German Metal Attack 2017, German Metal Attack III, Grave Digger's 35 Years Birthday Bash – Back to the 80s, Hangman Tour 2009, Healed by Metal South America Tour 2017, Healed by Metal Tour Part 2, Heart of Darkness Tour 1995, Knights of The Cross, Knights of True Metal Tour 1998/99, Knock-Out Festival, Liberty or Death Tour, Power of Metal 2011, Return of the Reaper Tour, Rheingold World Tour, Summer Metal Meetings, The Bard's Night Tour, The Clan Comes to Your Town, The Clans Will Rise Again Tour 2011, The Excalibur Millenium Metal Tour 2000, The Last Supper Tour 2005, Tunes of War Tour.