Haste The Day - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Haste The Day is an American metalcore band formed in Carmel, Indiana in 2001. Members have included Stephen Keech, Jimmy Ryan, Brennan Chaulk, Scotty Whelan, Dave Krysl, Mike Murphy, Giuseppe Capolupo, Jason Barnes and Devin Chaulk. Discography include: Burning Bridges (2004), When Everything Falls (2005), Pressure the Hinges (2007), Dreamer (2008), Attack of the Wolf King (2010) and Coward (2015). Tours include: 2008 Australian Tour, 2011 Farewell Tour, Attack of the Wolf King 2010 Tour, Australia Tour, Destabilize North America 2010 Tour, Destabilize Tour, Napalm and Noise Tour, Revelation Generation, Rock En Tu Calle 2008, Scream The Prayer and Vans Warped Tour 2010.