Heathen - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Heathen is an American thrash metal band originating from the San Francisco Bay Area, founded in 1984. Members include; Dave White, Lee Altus, Jason Viebrooks, Kragen Lum, Jon Dette, Doug Piercy, Mike "Yaz" Jastremski, Rick Weaver, Carl Sacco, Marc Biedermann, Ira Black, Terry Lauderdale, Sam Kress, Darren Minter. Discography includes; Breaking the Silence (1987), Victims of Deception (1991), The Evolution of Chaos (2009). Tours include; Chaos In Europe Tour 2010, Chaos Over Europe, European Killfest 2011, European Tour 2012, Killfest 2011, North American Reckoning Tour, The Evolution Of Chaos, Thrashfest 2011, Thrashfest Classics 2011, Thrasho De Mayo 3, Victims of Deception Tour.