Hour Of Penance - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Hour Of Penance is a technical death metal band from Rome, Italy that was formed in 1999. Members have included Paolo Pieri, Giulio Moschini, Marco Mastrobuono, James Payne, Silvano Leone, Francesco Paoli, Alex Manco, Mike Viti, Stefano Morabito, Francesco De Honestis, Enrico Schettino, Mauro Mercurio and Simone "Arconda" Piras. Discography includes: Disturbance (2003), Pageantry For Martyrs (2005), The Vile Conception (2008), Paradogma (2010), Sedition (2012), Regicide (2014) and Cast The First Stone (2017). Tours include: 2012 North American Ritual Tour, 2012 North American Ritual Tour (Off-Date), Australian Tour 2013, European Torture Tour 2013, God is Dead - To Hell With God, God is Dead, To Hell With God and US Torture Tour.