Immolation - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Immolation is an American death metal band from Yonkers, New York, United States. Members include; Ross Dolan, Steve Shalaty, Robert Vigna, Alex Bouks, Thomas Wilkinson, Alex Hernandez, Craig Smilowski, Neal Boback, Bill Taylor. Discography includes; Dawn of Possession (1991), Here in After (1996), Failures for Gods (1999), Close to a World Below (2000), Unholy Cult (2002), Harnessing Ruin (2005), Shadows in the Light (2007), Majesty and Decay (2010), Kingdom of Conspiracy (2013), Atonement (2017). Tours include; Breaking Wills Tour 2000, Bringing Down The World Tour 2003, Campaign For Musical Destruction Tour 2010, Canadian Tour Of Possession 1994, Darkness Over Europe Tour 2001, Decibel Magazine Tour, European Atonement 2017, European Conspiracy Tour 2014, European Tour '96, European Tour 1999, Harnessing Ruin, Lucifer Over America Tour, Max & Igor Cavalera Return to Roots, North Amercian Tour 2011, Shadows in the Light Tour, Shadows Of The Emissaries' Curse Tour, Summer Invasion Tour 2012, The Dawn Has Come - European Possession Tour 1991, Those Whom the Gods Detest Tour, Touring A World Below 2016, U.S. Tour Of Possession 1992, Unsaved In The USA 1999, What They Bring European Tour 2012, World Of Darkness U.S. Tour 2001, X-Mas Festivals 2002.