James Taylor - Officially Licensed Merchandise

James Taylor is an American singer-songwriter and guitarist. Discography includes: James Taylor (1968), Sweet Baby James (1970), Mud Slide Slim and the Blue Horizon (1971), One Man Dog (1972), Walking Man (1974), Gorilla (1975), In The Pocket (1976), JT (1977), Flag (1979), Dad Loves His Work (1981), That's Why I'm Here (1985), Never Die Young (1988), New Moon Shine (1991), Hourglass (1997), October Road (2002), Covers (2008) and Before This World (2015). Tours include: �James Taylor And His Band of Legends� North American Summer Tour, 2012 European Tour, 2014 Fall U.S. Tour, 2017 World Tour, Band of Legends, Before This World Tour 2016, Children's Health Fund 25th Anniversary Concert, Covers, Down Home, European Tour 2012, Flag, James Taylor and His Band of Legends, James Taylor and the All Star Band, James Taylor with Very Special Guest Ben Taylor, John Kerry Election Night Watch, Legendary Band Tour, Livestock '95, Never Die Young, New Moon Shine, North American Summer Tour 2012, October Road, One Man Band, Pre-inauguration concert for Barack Obama, Small World Tour, Summer's Here Tour, The California Live and Vote for Change Tour.