Jerry Lee Lewis - Officially Licensed Merchandise

Jerry Lee Lewis is an American singer-songwriter, musician, and pianist, often known by his nickname, The Killer. Discography includes: Jerry Lee Lewis (1958), Jerry Lee's Greatest (1962), Live at the Star Club, Hamburg (1964), The Return of Rock (1965), Country.... Show More Songs for City Folks/All Country (1965), Memphis Beat (1966), Soul My Way (1967), Another Place, Another Time (1968), She Still Comes Around (1969), Sings the Country Music Hall of Fame Hits, Vol. 1 (1969), Sings the Country Music Hall of Fame Hits, Vol. 2 (1969), The Golden Cream of the Country (1970), She Even Woke Me Up to Say Goodbye (1970), A Taste of Country (1970), There Must Be More to Love Than This (1971), Touching Home (1971), Would You Take Another Chance on Me? (1971), The Killer Rocks On (1972), Who's Gonna Play This Old Piano? (1972), The Session...Recorded in London with Great Artists (1973), Sometimes a Memory Ain't Enough (1973), Southern Roots: Back Home to Memphis (1973), I-40 Country (1974), Boogie Woogie Country Man (1975), Odd Man In (1975), Country Class (1976), Country Memories (1977), Jerry Lee Keeps Rockin' (1978), Jerry Lee Lewis (1979), When Two Worlds Collide (1980), Killer Country (1980), I Am What I Am (1984), Class of '55 (1986), Young Blood (1995), Last Man Standing (2006), Last Man Standing Live (2007), Mean Old Man (2010) and Rock and Roll Time (2014). Tours include: 80th Birthday Tour, A Capitol Fourth 2008, Alan Freed's Big Beat Show, Alan Freed's Christmas Show of Stars, Battle of the Century, Beale Street Music Festival, Bridge School Benefit, Lee Gordon's World Hit Parade, Rock & Roll Hall of Fame 25th Anniversary and Star-Club-Show. Show Less